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Welcome to Rulopak! We are dedicated to providing high-quality hygiene products, including toilet paper, soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, and scenting.

With its industrial history starting in 1980s, "Rulopak" produced the first Hygienic Toilet Seat of Turkey in 2003 with 100% Turkish Capital and entered the industrial hygiene industry boldly and accelarated the industry with with its developing corporate structure and growing production capacity.

Today, Rulopak has three production facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machines and devices in Istanbul with total 36.000 m2 indoors area and continues to be a dynamic, strong and entrepreneur company with its on-going investment projects.

Rulopak presents value added services to our country with scientific researches thanks to its unique structure having R&D and P&D departments along with technology engineers and continues to strive to be a world brand by exporting its products over 95 countries.
Rulopak brought many innovations from the fields of mass use to personal hygiene products with high quality products and is the first and only company focusing on hygiene products of Turkey.

Rulopak will continue to be "always one step ahead in hygiene" with its flexible and fast services, deliveries at short notice, wide distribution web and approved quality.